Chi siamo

Chi siamo

Facciamo jeans con vintage jeans perche’ heritage è cool

Facciamo tutto in Italia

Sartoriale e Limited edition

Solo con materiale esistente = sostenibile

Blue of a Kind is not meant to be just fashion company, it is a community built around an idea. The Blue of a Kind project has been primarily conceived and created in a (post-modern) cultural sphere, with a view/the vision to define a new standard in 21 century’s fashion.

We believe in reconciling uncompromised style, contemporary fit and products with a story/a valuable heritage with a sustainable production process.//to reconcile uncompromised style, contemporary fit and a valuable heritage with a sustainable production process.


We believe in the power of stories, that more than anything else make us human. We supremely value/leverage the heritage of vintage clothes, the story they silently tell through their nuances, their details, their scratches and little repairs. That’s what makes them unique.


That’s why we deconstruct, redesign and reconstruct the iconic pieces of garment that most epitomize youth culture: vintage jeans.

That’s our way/approach to chic in the modern age, bridging/mixing street-fashion and a post-modern/new/relaxed luxury

All of our garments come in limited edition, each is unique: one of a kind.