Benni bucket hat - upcycled garment


  • Benni is a bucket hat made starting from pieces of fabric taken from pre-existing jeans, upcycled in a completely new item.

    Benni hat is made by nine different pieces of pre-existing denim jeans, stitched in contrast. 

    Each piece is unique and different. Although construction and fit will always be consistent, colour patchwork will vary from item to item.

    - "patchwork" construction
    - multiple stitchings around visor 
    - unfinished visor hem

    - Matteo is 1,89cm tall and wears size M.
    - Beatrice is 1,80cm tall and wears size S.

  • Manufacturing an upcycled product takes up to 2.5 hours for every single item. The original garment is unstitched, ironed and then re-crafted into a completely new piece, with shapes and details different from the original.

    This entire process is done by hand, one by one. All garment are entirely (re)Made in Italy.

    Coming each from a product with a story of wear, all pieces are different in shades and colours, although consistent in sizing.
  • This item is crafted from pre-existing garment. Extra fabrics, including that used for buttons, come from Candiani deadstock and leftovers.

    Nothing used in the creation of this garment has therefore been specifically produced.

    Not a sigle drop of water is used in the manufacturing of this garment: its colour is exclusively the result of the story of wear of the original garment, which we cherrypicked.

    Absolutely no chemical products are ever used.

    In order to keep our footprint as low as possible, all production processes happen in a radius of 50km from our headquarters, downtown Milan.

one, like no one

Upcycled garments are the result of an artisanal, meticoulous riediting process of vintage items. 

The original garment is entirely disassembled, trimmed and individually (re)crafted by hand, exclusively in Italy.
The result is a product with a contemporary fit that preserves true marks of age and wear. No additional wash is ever processed.

Each Blue of a Kind jean is different, one of a kind.

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