free repairs, for life.

We believe in what we make.

Our hope is that you wear your Blue of a Kind jean again and again, that you live in it to make it your second skin.

However, as we believe in working with “what already exists”, we won’t let you down even should a rip should occur to your favourite pair of jeans: this is why we offer free repairs for life. Just wash your pair of jeans and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Hey, don't forget to tell us where to ship it back.



Please note that all of our garments are made starting by either upcycled garments, either by post-industrial, 100% cotton faulty or leftover fabrics. On garment accessories are made of 100% organic, partially recycled cotton, buttons and zippers are made with nickel-free metal. Hand-tags are made with "crush paper", an ecological material from organic waste.


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