(Re)made in italy


we have a simple and disruptive receipt for contemporary fashion:
applying traditional italian sartorial expertise and contemporary cutting-edge design to existing products.

each and any blue of a kind garment is (re)crafted in our plants, a bunch of kilometers from milan. our production process is one of a kind: instead of specially-made fabric, great part of our raw material are high quality vintage garments. we source them between france and italy, ship them to our plant where they are completely taken apart at the seams, each piece refitted and then sewed back together on the basis of new, contemporary and beautiful styles.

every single process is hand-made.

hearts and hands

granma meets social networks. we believe we can leverage italian sartorial tradition and craftsmanship to achieve the best cutting edge, contemporary jeans. with a twist: on top of traditional techniques borrowed from male-trouser tailors, to produce our denims we focus both on great design as much as on pure details, such as contrast fabric inside waist belt or satin lining pockets.

the result is a rock'n'roll jeans on the outside, well refined and rich in details on the inside.

preserving our sartorial tradition 

we have chosen to work with local artisans, that part of our domestic manufacturer that has been affected the most by the shift of production overseas. we want to lead the movement of bringing manufacturing back home, where all skills and knowhow are still well rooted.
To this extent artisans crafting blue of a kind garments are shareholders of the company, while all providers for all other treatments, services and materials have been cherry-picked in Italy in order to be fully compliant with our approach of working respecting the environment as well as guaranteeing fair working conditions and salaries.

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