For a responsible approach to fashion

In recent years the entire world has enjoyed the phenomenon of democratisation of fashion that goes under the name of "fast fashion", a flood of trendy clothes at cheap price, affordable by most. Unfortunately the environmental cost of such revolution is shown to be much higher than the price tags. Fashion is one of the most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil.

Production of clothing has doubled from 2000 to 2014, with sales skyrocketing from $1 trillion in 2002 to $1.8 trillion in 2015, and they are forecast to reach $2.1 trillion by 2025. The average consumer now buys 60% more clothing items a year and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago.

What that means is a huge volume of textile waste, 14 billion tons per year in USA only. The environmental impact of fast fashion ranges from chemicals used to produce textiles, which can pollute rivers and oceans, to high levels of both pesticide and energy use, as well as the enormous amount of water used in the production process.

There is also a profound social impact of fast fashion. Its production has been entirely delocalised overseas, in developing countries where labour cost is cheap and regulations tend to be loose, although processes may include toxic chemicals.


reduce water consumption

Water is by definition the scarcest and most precious resource for humankind. It takes up to 7.500 litres of water to produce an average pair of jeans

(source: United Nations:

On top of this figure, it should be accounted the great quantity of water that gets polluted by chemicals constantly poured into local rivers. 2,5 billion tons in China alone.

Big denim brands have started to become environmental conscious and some claim they have been able to reduce their average water consumption to less than 4.000 litres. It is undoubtedly a great achievement, however we believe this is still not enough.

Our mission is to inspire and contribuite promoting a new wave of conscious shopping, focused on long lasting, low impact clothes. Reduce your consumption, buy less, buy smart.


true blue

The leit motiv of our work is to responsibility, in all of its aspects. Our garments are made only with existing fabrics: vintage jeans and dead stock. Packaging, labels, hand-tags, down to our business cards are made with recycled materials. For our upcycled products we do not process any sort of washing whatsoever, so the colour of our jeans is exclusively the result of years of wear of its past life.

We recently introduced a new line of products made with industrial leftover fabrics (almost entirely received by our denim partner Candiani), dyed with cotton-powder obtained by pre-owned cotton garments, divided by colour and shredded into powder. Such process allows us to reduce water usage to 3 to 8 litres of water per garment. 

Everything we sell is (re)crafted in Italy. Furthermore, to try and reduce our carbon footprint, all the magic happens within 50 kilometres from where we live and work, downtown Milan. Producing close to home allow us to invest in our people, those savvy artisans that have been let down from the shift of production to overseas. Production plants are 100% compliant with European regulations, wages and working conditions are fair. Our impact is not zero yet, but we trust we will get there eventually.

Start making a difference, become part of our community. Join the revolution!