Revolution of existing

The revolution of the existing

The world doesn't need another fashion company 

Blue of a Kind is meant to be not just a fashion company, rather a community built around an idea. The Blue of a Kind project has been primarily conceived and created in a post-modern cultural sphere, with the vision to define a new standard in 21 century’s fashion.
We believe in the possibility to reconcile uncompromised style, contemporary fit and products with a valuable heritage, together with a sustainable production process.

For this reason, all of our products are made exclusively from vintage products handcrafted with the use of leftovers and surplus.

That’s our approach to "chic" in the contemporary age, mixing street-fashion and vintage to create a new, effortless and relaxed way to luxury.


The revolution of existing

“The product with the lowest impact on the environment is the one that already exists.”

To this end we have built a completely different approach to design compared to traditional fashion companies. We work with a network of suppliers all over Europe in order to find the best in breed vintage garments and stock in need of rescue, that will ultimately become the raw material to develop our products.

We are Blue of a Kind: join our revolution.


Start making a difference, become part of our community. Join the revolution!