Gilet Munari 2023


 A container of images and words, an ironic display of editorial novelties. an artist 's foray in the world of fashion: thirty years ago, the "gilet" designed by Bruno Munari for Corraini Edizioni witnessed the great artists design spirit and his attitude to experimentation in various fields.


Thirty years later, Corraini Edizioni and Blue of a Kind pay tribute to Bruno Munari's project with this brand new version, the MUNARI GILET 1992-2023
A limited edition of 200 handcrafted pieces that witness the unconventional spirit of the great artist and designer. Of the original colors, blue and gray, blue, the iconic color of denim, was kept and pink was added, a color that Munari often used in its brightest version, the "Dilma pink", named after his beloved wife.

For this new edition Blue of a Kind he worked with upcycled denim fabric, recovered from vintage garments, as well as with responsibly produced fabrics and yarns such as Tencel ™ Luxe and Refibra by Lenzing.
Gilet Munari is available for pre-order, delivering July.
In partnership with Lenzing Group
under the Patronage of Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto

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